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Where ADHD meets the Crafty Creative Mind

The Mama Lea Experience.

The Perfect Solution

From initial concept to final execution, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

25 Long Years

With experiences dating back to 1999, Mama Lea knows exactly what to do to help you be TRULY authentic!

Outside the Box

Sometimes it just takes an outside view to help you make the changes needed to succeed with your business!


Join other crafty creatives where they share their own graphics, recipes, and hand-crafted goodies!


From graphics to finding your personal power. Mama Lea knows just how to encourage you.

Meet the Crafty Creative

I’ve been working online since 1999 through various professional and hobby channels.

I’ve built followings of 10,000+ people. And I’ve reached 100,000 new people daily at one point with hobby websites! I’ve even frequented the top 10 of company sales when I previously sold products not my own. (Not sure whether I should be proud of that or not. But, hey. It’s something I did.)

And you know how I did those things? I harnessed my own personal power, interests and skills into websites and content that I loved creating and building with the goal to help people!

“Heather has been the most amazing thing that has totally helped me up my game when it comes to finding myself, sharing myself, and reaching for the stars!!”

Jane Doe


Or at least what someone would say if I actually had/kept testimonies!

field of sunflowers with mountain range in background